Monday, September 22, 2008

Cinnamon Ice Cream (Gluten Free)

I grew up in rural southwestern Virginia. Land of apples, hunting season, and the Statler Brothers.

Yes, the Statler Brothers. What? You've never heard of them?

Well, once these men were BIG in the world of country music and they just happened to have roots in the tiny little town of Staunton, Virginia.

Every fall my dad would pack us all in the van to go on the drive to Staunton. Dad wanted to get a glimpse of the wonderous fall mountain foliage, visit a discount book store, and get dinner at the Statler Brother's Restaurant.

I don't know if the Statler's actually owned that restaurant, but I DO know that they served up some mighty tasty cinnamon ice cream.

I loved that ice cream. It tasted like a crisp fall morning and warm apple pie. It tasted like the beginning of the holiday season. It tasted like apple butter, church potlucks, picking out pumpkins and everything else I loved about that beautiful time of year. I ate that ice cream as slowly as I possibly could to make it last. And I've never forgotten it.

When we were first married Michael would look at me strangely when I sprinkled cinnamon into my vanilla ice cream.

M - "What are you doing?"

Me - "Making cinnamon ice cream."

M - "Cinnamon?? ice cream??"

Me - "Yes. It's lovely. It tastes like apple pie! Want some?"

M - "No. You're weird. But I love you anyway."

I think we had this conversation several times before Michael came to accept cinnamon ice cream as the norm in our household.

I learned an incredibly easy recipe for making ice cream at home earlier this summer. It's frugal, fun, and a great guest pleaser! This ice cream is frozen simply by pouring it into ice trays or a container like this and placing in your freezer. You don't need an ice cream maker, you just need a few simple ingredients, a crisp fall afternoon, and good memories. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Ice Cream

1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (12 oz.) can evaporated milk
1 cup water
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 tablespoon cinnamon (or as much as you'd like!)

Plan to make this ice cream 4-5 hours before serving. Mix all ingredients together and pour into ice trays or into a large shallow container, like this deviled egg tray. Place in freezer and stir occasionally. Serve when frozen.


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  1. I simply love cinnamon! I'm having cinnamon ice cream everytime I have the chance to. My boyfriend also thinks that cinnamon ice cream is weird.. ;) But they don't know what they are missing! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. I love cinnamon as well! Cinnamon reminds me of all things fall, Thankgsgiving,& Christmas. Cinnamon helps stabalize our blood sugar. I bet that's why it goes well with so many sweet things. Cinnamon is great for diabetics.

    I would love to try this. I can taste it already on a piece of warm apple pie! I was planning on making some applesauce cake this week...I bet this would taste great with it!

  3. Oh, my -- sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon, I can't think of anything better!

  4. Although I'm a northerner, I was introduced to cinnamon ice cream on a trip to Dallas, and I fell in love with it. I too, have been known to sprinkle cinnamon on vanilla ice cream and stirring it in.


  5. Oh! That sounds wonderful! I absolutely adore cinnamon, so it in ice cream sounds perfect.

  6. My hubby thought the same thing about cinnamon ice cream until he tried it, now it's a favorite! I've been perfecting my recipe to post on my blog when I saw yours; yours is easier! But the world can't have too much ice cream... ;)

    Love your blog! ~Li

  7. I do that, too! And sometimes put on a maraschino cherry or two (or five!)

    Before going dairy free, I'd use Breyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream, sprinkle the cinnamon, add a bit of whipped cream on top and then do the cherries ... it's one of my most missed dairy-filled pleasures.

    It really is all about the simple things - yum, yum, yum!

  8. My favorite Italian restaurant served cinnamon ice cream 20 years ago, when I was a regular customer. I loved it with chocolate cake as much as fruit cobblers. I bet I could make this with coconut milk and sugar. Hmmmm.

  9. Oooh - cinnamon ice cream? I need to try this recipe (and hide it from my kids). I LOVE cinnamon -- as a kid a "treat" would be butter and cinnamon/sugar on toast. On ice cream would be even better :)

  10. As if I didn't love you already I find one more thing that you and I have in common. Well five if you count the Statler brothers. If I ever get to Virginia I will bring you my gluten-free snickerdoodles cookies, which are to die for with cinnamon ice-cream and we will sit on the porch listen to my Statler Brothers album, which is older than my 41 years and share recipes. By the way if you want to enjoy some of the old episodes of the Statler Brothers tv show there are lots of videos of You Tube. LOL.Tonya

  11. Oh My! Cinnamon is my favorite spice. I can not wait to try this. I have everything needed. Have to run, I am going to get this stirred up and in the freezer NOW!

  12. That looks delicious. I love cinnamon and the Statler Brothers. My mom and dad were huge fans and I enjoyed them also. I haven't heard their music in a long time though.