Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why didn't I think of that...

Normally, I try to do my own baking and creating early on Saturday mornings.

It is at that time that the light is best in my kitchen for photography, Michael is still sound asleep, and there is a peaceful quiet resounding throughout the house. I think best during those times, and yet, lately I've been finding myself making other people's recipes more than creating my own! I have weeks like that. I see amazing recipes that others have posted and I don't even feel like tweaking... I just have to make them!

So today, I'm going to share with you several recipes that I have tried in the past few months that Michael and I are in LOVE with... and I really wish I had thought of them first!

Hhhhmmmm... I'm starting to sense a carb addiction around here!

  • Sally's Egg Free, Casein Free, Yeast Bread -- That Sally, the girl really has a knack for allergen free baking and cooking! I was so excited to try this great bread from her. I often feel like I'm going to put chickens out of business with gluten free baking. I use a LOT of eggs. I was excited to try this egg free bread recipe! It is best the day it's made, and it makes great toast afterwards. This bread reminds me most of a loaf of sourdough in taste and texture! It's definitely a keeper!

  • Sally's Bacon and Cheese Scones - Another egg-free, dairy-free winner from Sally! These hearty scones are perfect for a fiber and protein filled breakfast. I really love them. I can't believe how rich and wonderful they taste without eggs or milk.

  • Shauna's Arepas -- I had to try this recipe the moment I saw the post. These warm corn cakes are absolutely delicious. They are worth the effort of finding Harina PAN. This is real, down to earth cooking. I loved using my hands to shape and form the arepas. The moment you smell these wonderful, naturally gluten free cakes cooking, you'll be drooling!! We'll be making these often in my kitchen!

  • Sheltie Girl's Gluten Free "Thin Mints" -- I can't believe I hadn't seen this recipe until very recently. I. LOVE. THIN. MINTS. I thought I'd never have one of these cookies again until I made these beauties! This is a fabulous, fail proof, gluten free recipe for chocolate mint cookies and they are incredible. The entire batch only lasted two days in our house. Michael and I are still arguing over who devoured more! I also learned a great technique for making wafer cookies with this recipe. You can bet you'll be seeing some more cookie recipes here soon using this baking method!

  • Kelly's Super Fast Gluten Free Waffle Bread -- Okay, yes, I know I posted this recipe. But it's not mine, and I sure wish I had thought of it first! Kelly is a genius for coming up with this recipe for whole grain gluten free sandwich bread! This is a quick bread with no added yeast and it's super fast! I LOVE having these waffles in the freezer for a quick gluten free breakfast or sandwich. This recipe has been a gluten free lifesaver in our house!

  • Mary Frances' Black Bean Enchiladas -- Unfortunately, I don't have a personal picture of these yummy enchiladas, but I have relied on this recipe MANY TIMES since Mary Frances posted it! This is a fast, naturally gluten free, meat free dinner that absolutely rules. I've served it to company, I've frozen it and served it a week later, and I've made it when I didn't have anything else in the house. We love these enchiladas and I think you will too! You have to give them a try!
Photo courtesy of Gluten Free Cooking School

  • Bette Hagman's Fudge Brownies -- The queen of gluten free baking. I love Bette Hagman's recipes. The only thing I change in this recipe is that I use whole grain gluten free flours, instead of white starches, and they still turn out fabulous. I have this recipe written down on a scrap sheet of paper and posted on the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets. We use it THAT often! This is the perfect gluten free dessert. I've made these brownies countless times and they never fail. But I'm making you buy the book for these, I'm not sharing! Give Bette full credit on these beauties and enjoy! You can buy her book here.


Make sure to stop by again this Kid-Friendly Friday for Kelly's Creamy Chicken Tacos!

Your kids will LOVE them!

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  1. Great links, Carrie! I will definately be trying ALL of those now :) The scones look amazing.

    Also thanks for the head's up about NC; I'm so excited for the trip and will certainly be packing a jacket or two.

  2. Carrie, thanks for recommending the enchiladas. I'm so glad that ya'll have enjoyed them so much. Feel free to do a "save as" on the enchilada picture on my site to use in this post. I can't wait to try some of these other recipes. I'm definitely back in experimentation mode now =)

  3. Carrie, I have a quick question for you. first of all I feel like I know you. I too have a husband who is pretty a different way. If it's not tacos he's not wowed. Anyway, I love your blog and check it often. My question is, what gluten free flours do you refrigerate? Right now I have ALL my flours in the fridge, but that takes up a LOT of space. Any suggestions? thanks!

  4. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for commenting and leaving this great question! I actually refrigerate very few of my flours. I think unless you live in a VERY hot and humid climate, you really don't need to refrigerate flours on a regular basis. Some people may disagree with me, but I've got a small fridge! I also go through flours pretty quickly!

    If you want to choose particular flours to refrigerate, I would only refrigerate whole grain flours such as brown rice flour because it contains both the the germ of the grain which has healthy oils and fats, which can become rancid if not used within a certain time period.

    The only grains I keep in my fridge is whole ground corn meal. I should probably keep brown rice flour in my fridge, especially since i don't use it as often as I used too.

    I hope this helps! Any starches such as tapioca, cornstarch, etc... do not need to be refrigerated at all.

    Feel free to email me or comment more if you have more questions! Thanks again!

  5. mary frances -- THANKS girl!! I'll do just that! I'll give you full credit of course!

  6. Great post and great links - serious carb addiction!

  7. Thanks for all these delicious looking links...I just wanted to point out that unfortunately the bread is actually not yeast free...I wish it was though, it sounds divine!!
    amber :)

  8. Amber -- thanks for pointing that out about the yeast! I meant to say "NO ADDED yeast!" You are right, they do naturally contain yeast! I just meant they were a quick bread and not a yeast risen bread! I'm glad you enjoyed the other waffles!!