Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Week's Menu (May 19 - May 23)

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Boy, do I feel organized! I actually have this week's gluten free meals prepared and our menu squared away! Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of 10 hour work days. If only the laundry was done...

We had an interesting weekend. We were at home for once, which was wonderful, and we had a mouse in our AC duct work.

We discovered the mouse as we were watching a movie on Saturday night. Two of the cats, Max and Maya, were sitting patiently at the AC duct vent in the living room. They sat there for over an hour, we could not figure out why. Every now and then I heard a faint noise that sort of sounded like a cricket. I was a little nervous because we were watching a movie with lots of suspense.

A bit later, I walked towards the back of the house and I immediately noticed a loud metal grating sound in the guest bedroom. I yelled for Michael and he came running (because I certainly wasn't opening that door by myself) and went in. There, in the AC duct vent, was a little brown mouse chewing on the metal grate trying to get out. As soon as he saw Michael, the mouse ran. And I panicked. HOW do you get a mouse out of your AC ductwork?

This is how. At least Michael's idea of how:

I love how Max is keeping an eye on things.

I love my creative husband. It didn't work... but it was still creative!

Michael also found a snake in the yard when he was mowing on Saturday. I think this is snake # 5 we've found this year. Michael wanted to keep it, as he reasoned it was a friendly snake. I disagreed.

Still hungry?

This Week's Menu

Grilled Salmon
Homemade Caesar Salad


Chicken and rice casserole with sweet corn and spring peas (is prepared and ready to be put in the oven)

Meatloaf (leftovers from the freezer)
Creamed potatoes
Green beans with almonds

Homemade Pizza
(crust is already made and in the freezer, all the toppings are prepared as well)
Green Leaf Salad

Leftover chicken and rice casserole

Going to the mountains for a weekend conference!

*Baked Goods and Breakfasts

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  1. Carrie,
    This is too funny. We are a homeschooling family. I thought we were the only ones with wild adventures of nature. I love the recipes and the weekly menus. Thank you for making my life sooo much easier, of to grade those Physical Science papers ugh!

  2. I worked in the yard today, and I tried not to look too hard because we often have BIG snakes where we live! Ew.

    Cute post - the cats were telling you something! Too bad they don't bark like Lassie.

    And I love that quilt hanging on your wall....

  3. Yay! Another food allergy friendly site. I need to try your pizza recipe.

  4. How funny! Michael sounds like he will make a great dad one day. lol

  5. I just hopped over here from Menu Plan Monday and was delighted to see this pizza recipe. I had pizza on the menu tonight and used spelt for the crust and while it was OK, it wasn't great and I doubt the kids will even eat the leftovers.... I'm going to try your recipe next time!! Looks so yummy!

  6. Carrie,

    I love Michael's solution. It really made me laugh!


  7. sarah in CA -- Thanks gal! Oh yes, we find critters abundant!! And my husband loves them all! I can't wait for the green tree frogs to make their appearance again this year! I love wildlife!

    Abby -- I shy away from yard work too, for that VERY reason... and because I don't like yard work... lol Thanks for the compliment on the quilt! That was my anniverary gift last year and I LOVE IT!!

    Kamailesfood -- I hope you will try the pizza and tell me what you think! Thanks so much for visiting!!

    Natalie - thanks gal! I tell Michael that all the time!! I think he will be a great dad too!

    Bloggin Mama -- I'm so glad you discovered my site! I hope you will try the pizza recipe! i LOVE IT! I can't wait to have it for dinner tomorrow night!! Let me know what you think if you give it a try!!

    Thomas -- wasn't that funny! I cracked up when michael came out of his workshop with that thing rigged up to catch the mouse! Good thing we have a hamster, or who knows what he would have come up with!! lol

  8. Oh man, Carrie, Michael's fix for the mouse is hilarious!! Too funny. The snake, that gives me goosebumps...YUCK! :p Glad that I haven't seen one in a few years now. Phew!
    Thanks for sharing! ;)