Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How to make Gluten Free Bagels (2.0)

Since making these bagels (and posting about them), I've read a variety of other bagel recipes.

One important method I noticed in these recipes is that apparently my original process of boiling the shaped bagels, letting them rise, and then baking, is not the "authentic" way to make them.

What makes much more sense (and I'm kicking myself for not realizing this!) Is that you FIRST want to let the shaped bagels rise in your 200 degree warmed oven for 45 minutes - 1 hour. THEN boil them (20 seconds on each side) right before baking. This will allow the yeast to work much better in rising the bagels. It will also give a more chewy texture by boiling right before baking. So those of you bagel gurus out there, forgive me! This was first attempt at boiling baked goods! I'm still learning!

Unfortunately, this week I don't have time to test this baking method, as my great-grandmother (whom you will remember from this post -- a personal favorite of mine) had a very bad fall and is in intensive care, so Michael and I will be traveling to be with her.

Until I am able to test these bagels again, I'd love to know how they turn out for you (especially if you make them by following the revised rising and then boiling process above!)

You can find the gluten free bagel recipe and picture tutorial here!

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It's rough watching your grandparents get sick. I just lost both of my grandmothers last year and it's rough. They are the heart of a family.

    I really wish I had the ambition to try your bagels, but I know I never will. Salesmen bring in bagels to the office all the time and it is hard sometimes not to go have one. Especially the onion ones. I'll dream of yours next time they bring them in. LOL

  2. Sorry to hear about your great grandmother, my thoughts are with you all.

    Bagels sound tempting, may have to try them at some point but can't say when at the moment.

  3. All the best wishes for your great grandmother. How lucky you are to still have her. The bagels look amazing.

  4. Lea -- Thank you so much! I never knew any of my grandfathers, so I am very close to my great-grandma. It's been a real shock to think about how this fall will impact her future. She will have to be completely dependant on someone else to care for her for the first time in her life. It won't be easy. Thank you for your sweet words!

    Esther - Thank you so much for kind works and your thoughts! We greatly appreciate them!!

    Carol -- Thank you for your best wishes!! I am very blessed to have my great-grandma in my life! There is no doubt about it! Thank you for your compliments on the bagels! :-)

  5. Carrie - You did a great job on your bagels. I'm was very sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope you have a very safe trip.

    Sheltie Girl