Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elizabeth Barbone's Easy Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Recipe

**Note: I have updated & edited this post to contain the correct link for Elizabeth's bread recipe! Enjoy! -- cf **

Elizabeth Barbone recently shared her original recipe for Easy Gluten Free Sandwich Bread.

This bread is delicious, easy, and excellent for sandwiches, toasting ect! I've made this bread 4 times (that I can count) and every time it has been a success!

I've made the bread with a combination of my own favorite flours: brown rice, millet, and sorghum. Because the dough is a bit heavier than Elizabeth's it does sink a bit upon cooling as you can see in my top photo... but it's still a great bread.

This bread recipe is perfect for beginner gluten free bakers because the ingredient list is small and it's super easy to whip together. Elizabeth has also recently updated the recipe to include dairy free substitutions making it great for gluten free/casein free baking! 

Elizabeth's excellent and simple baking directions also make this one of the best gluten free loaf breads I have ever made! I LOVE this bread and I'll be making it often in the future!

Happy Bread Baking!
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  1. I have this cookbook too. I love the peanut butter ball recipe- have you tried that one? I am not a fan of cornstarch in baking recipes, do you think a tapioca or potato starch would work? And I can't do soy or bean flours... I am still playing with bread recipes as you can see. Wisdom, please Carrie!

  2. Carrie, what do you think I could replace the millet flour with. I don't have any and we are to get a big snow storm so I looks like I won't be getting out! I have quinoa and teff and all the other standard flours. It looks really good. I need to make some bread tomorrow and thought I might try it in the Zo.

  3. Hi Natalie! I don't actually have her cookbook yet! I just used her recipe she had on the site, and I didn't use ANY starches (no cornstarch, potato starch, or tapioca -- BUT ANY would work! Use her original recipe and just replace the cornstarch with the tapioca! Should work fine!

    here is the recipe that I used with the millet, sorghum, and brown rice:

    Dry Ingredients

    1 cup brown rice flour

    1 cup sorghum flour

    2/3 cup millet flour

    2/3 cup dry milk powder

    1 Tablespoon xanthan gum

    1 teaspoon salt

    Wet Ingredients

    1 3/4 cups warm water

    1 packet active dry yeast

    2 Tablespoons vegetable oil

    2 large eggs

    In a small bowl, combine water and yeast. Stir to combine.
    In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together dry ingredients.
    Add yeast mixture, vegetable oil and eggs.
    Using an electric mixer, mix dough for five minutes on medium-high speed.
    Lightly grease a 9x5-inch loaf pan with vegetable spay.
    Spread batter evenly into the pan.
    Lightly grease a piece of plastic wrap and cover the pan.
    Allow dough to rise for 1 hour.
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
    Bake dough for 55 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 208°-211°F.
    Remove bread from oven and allow it to cool in the pan for five minutes.
    After five minutes, turn bread out onto a wire rack to cool completely.
    Makes one 9x5 loaf

    --Elizabeth Barbone
    (with my flours)

    Natalie, this recipe is really wonderful and it was SO easy! I love it love it love it!!

    Melanie -- as with Natalie, you could substitute cornstarch, tapioca flour, or potato starch for the millet. The millet flour I have is very fine, not as fine as those flours, but it should work perfectly! I bet this would work great in Zo if she has a gluten free setting. My bread machine doesn't treat GF bread very well, Elizabeth's bread was the first bread I have ever made by hand that turned out so well! I LOVE it! I wouldn't use heavier flours like teff or quinoa... or at least not at first! Give one of the starches a try and see what happens! (Or soy maybe if you don't want to use a stach?)

  4. Looks like you got a really good rise on that loaf. Congratulations =)

  5. Thanks! I am going to try this... Some of the sorghum loaves I have made I don't like...maybe I will go with millet. Because it rocks like you said. And you have a cracker recipe using cornstarch too. Any suggestions/advice on crackers? I hate all of the ones I have made...

  6. Hey Nat! I may try a loaf with just millet, tapioca, and brown rice Natalie! There is a slight taste I don't particularly like, and now that you've mentioned that I wonder if it's the sorghum! I LOVE the millet flour though! YUM-O! I love actual millet grains too (or seeds, I don't know which it would be called), they are SO good! We ate them this week instead of rice! I LOVE it! And they are SO good for you!

    As far as the crackers... I would just use another starch like tapioca or I bet pototo starch would be very good. Just be sure to roll them VERY thin, or they don't get crispy. I had a hard time getting them as thin as I really wanted! But they are YUMMY!

  7. Hmm, makes me want to fav. mix at the moment is teff, brown rice and sorghum. I have to try millet one of these it a whole grain flour?

  8. SM -- YES! Millet is a whole grain flour that is very fine and lite tasting!! I absolutely adore it!!! I love using whole millet seeds/grains in our meals too in the place of white rice! It is SO good!!

  9. How do you guys find Elizabeth's baking book compares to Carol Fenster's Allegy-Free cookbook? I'm considering buying but don't want to duplicate - not a bad price for a cookbook but it is $$.


  10. Julie -- Please feel free to email me personally to find out more information about these cookbooks!, I look forward to hearing from you!

  11. link did not work for recipe :(

    heatherlbrandt(at)frontier(dot) com

  12. heather - unfortunately she doesn't have that recipe posted anymore! Sorry about that!

  13. If you're looking for step by step with photos, Elizabeth Barbone posted it to:

  14. Thank you for the updated link Janet!! Appreciate it!

  15. made it today, 4/23/2012. Followed the directions PRECISELY. Noticed the recipe did not call for any sugar. Is that correct? I've never baked bread without a sweetner of some kind. So I did add a tsp of sugar to water and yeast mixture. Did not raise as high in the pan as it should have even though I let it raise at least an hour longer. (yes my yeast was good…foamy) Baked it anyway. It did not reach an internal temperature of 208-211º (it only got to 200º) but after baking it 15 minutes longer than it said I took it out anyway. Very brown in spite of being covered by foil. Very short loaf. Very heavy loaf. It is cooling now. Odds are not very good that this will be a good bread. I'm so disappointed. Brown rice flour is sooooo expensive! What did I do wrong?

    1. Unfortunately Pam, I'm not sure what went wrong with your loaf! Gluten free bread baking can definitely be a challenge, especially when you're first starting. BUT You can save that bread and use it for a number of different things, you can make croutons, bread crumbs, make a bread based dessert like Apple Brown Betty or a french bread casserole! Don't give up!