Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just a few small changes...

Dogwood blossoms in the front yard
photo by carrie forbes

So it's a little different around here. I'm still working on the blog redesign so please bear with me!

Looking for a recipe? They aren't going anywhere! Check out the recipe index for older recipes and if you can't find something try a google search by using the food term, such as "cookies" and then typing "gingerlemongirl" and you'll find it! If you don't have any luck, just send me an email (gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com) and I'll be glad to find it for you and send you the link... and hopefully before too long, I'll have that recipe index completely up to date!

However, life is different... cooking is literally on the back burner and it just doesn't happen very often anymore. Instead I'm going to grad school (at a snail's pace... one little class at a time...), I'm focusing on self-care and wellness, I'm reading Murder, She Wrote novels (and watching the reruns allll the time on netflix when I have downtime), spending time with friends and family when we can, and focusing a lot more on building my ninja librarian skills!

In the meantime I'm writing the great American novel... 

Ha! Maybe one day... 

I plan to use this space in the future to share more of my writing, photography, coloring, thoughts on life (faith, philosophy, social justice, favorite movies? you just never know...) and occasionally a recipe may still pop up.

Oh and cat pictures... always cat pictures! :-)

Till next time! :-) Be well.

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