Sunday, May 11, 2014

Country Church Photography: Lebanon United Methodist Church, Eastern NC

This beauty of a small church is on an old country road several miles from our home. It's tiny and from the website it looks like it has an attendance of about 25 folks a week (that's probably a good Sunday!), but I just love these places. I feel like I'm at home at all of them and they make me feel closer to God. I'm sure it's because I grew up in a church similar to this where my faith was established. I'll always be a United Methodist girl at heart! 

This little church is just gorgeous. I've seen it from afar for over 7 years and this week was the first time I stopped to check it out. They still had the Easter wreaths on the front door and the church has meticulously maintained grounds. 

I have no doubt that the small congregation of this church is dedicated to making sure their small place of worship remains a beautiful part of the country landscape. It's a peaceful place. 

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