Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Can you help bring Bomber home?

Ms. Tia, just hanging out with her kiddos! 

My super awesome, eco-hippy, all-natural, dreadlock wearin' friend Tia Colleen needs your help. Let me give you a little bit of a back story Ms. Tia Colleen and her family...

Tia's husband Christopher is in the military, which makes them a military family who must travel whenever they are given orders. Tia's husband was given orders to be stationed in Hawaii about a year and a half ago, so they all went along. It was quite a journey with four beautiful babies in tow, along with with their sweet kitty Bomber.

Well, somewhere along the way Bomber decided she wasn't quite ready to go to Hawaii right at that moment so she took off on her own.

As you can imagine for any family who loses a pet it's tough. It's even more tough when you lose a pet when you're midway across the country headed to Hawaii and you have no way to figure out where your pet went and if they will be okay... and if you will ever see them again.

Tia thought she's never see Bomber again. Her babies were heartbroken over the loss of Bomber and it made the whole move even more stressful than it already was.

Now here we are, nearly a year and a half later and Tia gets this phone call from the Boise Humane Society. THEY FOUND BOMBER! This little kitty has miraculously survived on her own for over a year in the area of Boise, Idaho. (I'm embarrassed to say I had to look up what state Boise was in.. I was thinking Montana... for shame Carrie!) Thankfully another military family at Mountain Home AFB (yes, also in Idaho... now you know!), is fostering Bomber until Tia can raise enough money to fly her to Hawaii.

You wouldn't think something like this would be a big expense, but for a single-income military family, it's a lot as they will have to pay for airfare, vet bills, quarantine procedures, etc...

And I realize this sounds like a crazy request in some ways, especially to those who don't have pets... but it's really important. Tia and her family have been so far from their friends and relatives and they in some ways are having a hard time calling Hawaii home. Tia has such a strong bond with Bomber that she couldn't bring herself to get another cat once they got to Hawaii, she knew that no other animal would replace the relationship she and her children had with this special cat.

So can you can head on over to and help Tia out? We need to get Bomber safely to her, so Tia and her family can FINALLY feel like they are truly home again. 

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