Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Those days, those weeks...

Ever have those days?

I'm looking at my blog calendar and amidst the giveaways and the book reviews are blank empty spots to be filled in.




Some weeks are like that. This blog is a big, wide-open, blank canvas and there are days, I simply have no idea what to fill it with.

The momentum has changed. I love cooking and I love writing... photography not so much. But that's no secret.

It seems like every season brings change.

Change to the leaves, to the scents in the air as I leave work in the afternoons. Change to diets, change to the list of books on my reading list.

What's next? I really don't know.

Some days I want to write stories. Some days I want to cook. Some days I'd rather just observe and watch. Lately I've picked up my crochet needles again. It's that time of year. Many afternoons I'm contemplative and I want to simply write out those thoughts and feelings. And more often than not these days, I'd rather stay away from any electronic device for weeks at a time. Who needs Facebook? Facebook can make you feel like others lives are more fulfilling than your own. And that simply isn't true. It's one of those tools of this day and age which needs to be used in great moderation or it can steal your joy.

My neighbor stopped me in the driveway yesterday. Came to return a dish. Apologized for not filling it with something in return. I smiled. And she sighed and simply said she was tired. She went on to talk about the things in her life that were extremely challenging for her right now. The frustrations that come from owning an old house. And just life in general. I listened, not really knowing what to say. But I wanted to help.

I wanted to invite her over for my grandmother's tea. To come into my messy kitchen. We'd push stuff out of the way on my overcrowded kitchen table and just enjoy the moment. Different families, same frustrations.

Life has just been like that... messy, overcrowded, days of frustration, days of absolute joy.

How do you sort it all out? Are you a contemplative type? Do you ever feel overwhelmed, even when things are good? Do you question what direction you need to be headed? If you're doing things right on your blog, in your journal, in your life?  What are you working through right now? Do blank empty spots face you as well? How do you work through those moments?

I'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below... and there's an anonymous option to leave comments, so you can be completely honest and totally anonymous if you'd like too.

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