Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Week's Menu - From challenge to challenge

So this week came quickly, almost in a blur. I've been tirelessly working on promoting the book along with my full-time job. I am incredibly proud of the book. I worked really hard to create a unique resource that contains both healthy, whole foods (naturally gluten-free) slow cooker recipes, along with plenty of quick family and kid-friendly recipes as well.

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone by doing a podcast interview with Elizabeth Barbone (sweetest lady in the entire world!), speaking to a local Kiwanis Club about the gluten-free diet and slow cooking, and then traveling over the weekend to visit my grandmother and driving nearly 600 miles completely by myself in  a little over 24 hours. (I know... I'm a wuss!) So I felt extremely challenged this week with public speaking, doing an interview, and than traveling quite a distance by myself. While I did a lot of that stuff on my own when I was in college, I've been nearly attached to the hip to my husband over the past 8 years... which has been awesome... but it was a healthy change to get a little independence under my belt over the past week!

I've been so thankful for the all the positive feedback on the book. I truly cannot thank all of you enough for testing recipes, for reading the book and giving comments, etc... it's been a great experience! And don't forget, you can still enter to win a signed copy of the book AND a brand new slow cooker!

Our meals this week will continue to be from the pantry & freezer. I didn't have time today to make any meals ahead of time, so I think I'm going to use the slow cooker to create 2 fish dishes in the evenings when I get home, along with a few other super easy-to-make meals.

This Week's Menu:
  • Sunday -- Had to work, ate a GoPicnic gluten-free meal.
  • Monday -- Herbed Tilapia Stew (from the cookbook, page 39, will take an hour and a half on high in a slow cooker!) served over brown rice.
  • Tuesday -- 8TH ANNIVERSARY!! Off work and we will be spending the day going to a local corn maize, picking out pumpkins, and enjoying a fancy lunch or dinner out! 
  • Wednesday -- Breakfast for dinner: yellow grits, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and cooked apples with cinnamon.
  • Thursday --  Barbecue Chicken (from the cookbook, pg. 170 -- halving the recipe and cutting the chicken in small pieces, so it will cook faster!) with steamed broccoli and carrots. 
  • Friday -- Ground Beef Ragout (from the cookbook, pg. 195) 
  • Saturday -- Cookbook Party at home!! Will be making Turkey Meatballs with Tangy Apricot Sauce (pg. 181), Hot Chicken Buffalo Bites (pg.72), Cinnamon & Sugar Pecans (pg. 76), Slow Cooker Snack Mix (pg.77), Gluten-Free Corn Bread (pg. 46), Ham & Cheese Slow Cooker Omelet (pg. 51), Grandma's Green Beans (pg.92), Honey-Ginger Carrots (pg.217), and Blueberry Cobbler (pg. 272) -- If you're in the Eastern NC area and you'd like to stop by and try out all the goodies, please email me (gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com)! 

You can find a whole round up of gluten-free weekly menu plans at Celiac Family each week! 
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