Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Review: Adam's Gluten-Free Surprise by Debbie Simpson

Title: Adam's Gluten Free Surprise
Written and Illustrated by: Debbie Simpson
Copyright: 2012

Back in early May (or who knows, it could have been April!) I approached Debbie Simpson, a mom in our Yahoo Gluten-Free Recipe Swap Group, for a copy of her new gluten-free children's book. She sweetly agreed to send me a copy and as soon as I saw the illustrations I knew this was going to be a great book! 

I meant to write a review for it several months ago, but life became a little topsy turvy and I'm just now getting back into writing posts that are way behind schedule!! But honestly I think this is great timing for Adam's Gluten-Free Surprise, because it's the perfect book to share with school-age children! 

Adam is a young boy who is just headed back to school. He found out the previous year that he had celiac disease and he has been getting used to a new diet and eating foods that don't hurt his tummy. This book shares Adam's experience in this new classroom with his teacher Mrs. Brown as she learns about celiac disease. Mrs. Brown learns that celiac is a very special disease that requires her to take extra precautions whenever the class plans on eating a snack or having food along with a lesson. 

This book has charming illustrations that kids and adults will both love! The story is clearly written in language that will be meaningful to all who read and listen to it. Also, I love how relate-able the characters are and how creatively the story is shared. 

This book is extremely warm, encouraging, and helpful for both children, teachers, and parents alike. Celiac disease, food allergies, and/or having food sensitivies can be a huge learning curve for all the people who interact with your children. Having this book to share could be a huge help to explain what celiac disease is, how to safely prepare food for those who eat gluten-free, and how to educate others about the gluten-free lifestyle. 

My favorite thing about this book is the truly positive outlook that Debbie shares with gluten-free kids and parents. She wants parents and children to know that while there is a lot to learn, it's not a hard process and kids are extremely adaptive to changes if you face them with a positive attitude. 

You can find Debbie's newly redesigned book on Amazon for a steal right now at only $9.56!! If you prefer ebooks, you can get the kindle version for $3.99

Please check out Debbie's great book, read it to your kids, and share it with teachers. I plan on purchasing a copy to donate to my local public library! Thank you for a truly inspiring and positive book for children about celiac disease Debbie! 

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