Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inspired by Joy

Image Source

WEGO Health Activist's Writing Challenge 
Day 5 -- "Write a post inspired by an image, also called Ekphrasis"

While I don't really consider myself an artist, I am passionate about art. I love it. I love all forms of art. I love the expression of art. I love the hidden depths of art. I love the simplicity of art. I feel like writing is an art -- so in that way I guess I am an artist.

I discovered this series of photographs on flickr when they were reported on by NPR a few months ago. A father in Japan has filmed his daughter on a regular basis on this "magical" street close to their home since she was a baby. Some of the photographs are simple things like washing dishes, getting dressed, being comforted after a bad dream. But the photographs I love best are the ones of Kenna (the daughter) making crazy expressions with fun props on this beautiful road. You can tell she loves doing this. She is a star to her dad (and to much of the flickr world) and I love seeing her laugh. I love how expressive her eyes and mouth are.

Laughter is healing. Smiling is healing. It's a joyful experience to watch other people in moments of happiness. I just LOVE Kanna in the picture below as she's spread over the grass in those beautiful stars full of bright colors.

Image Souce

What I draw from these beautiful photographs is to feel the joy of small moments. Capture the delight of everyday. Of star sunglasses, bright colors, and small hands. Of the hundreds of shades of green in the trees and grass as I drive home right now. Beauty is everywhere, we just have to look for it.

Lately I've found joy little things like dangly earrings. I just bought these from etsy. In the past few months I've wanted life to be more colorful. I'm reaching for bright pinks and greens. I want a pair of bright red leather boots. I think because I'm finally more comfortable with who I am, I'm not afraid to express this color-filled part of me. How do you express yourself?

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