Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review: Barrett's Unusual Ice Cream Party by Michelle L. King

Barrett's Unusual Ice Cream Party
Written By: Michelle King
Published by Tate Publishing
Release Date: April 17th, 2012

I love children's books. I always have. My parents read to me constantly as a child and I was probably happier reading and looking through the pictures of a children's book than I was any other time.

When I started a gluten free support group a few years ago, I didn't realize that the biggest reason many people would join our group was due to the fact that their children had celiac disease. How do you explain to a child that they can't eat an entire food group anymore? They can't have pizza with their friends. They can't eat school lunch anymore. They can't have cupcakes or pancakes or their favorite mustard sandwich, as one sweet little girl named Madelyn used to say in our support group.

This is why we need children's books. GOOD children's books. Books that speak to children on their level, yet don't speak down to them. Books that empower children and help them understand their bodies and why they have to eat a very special diet.

The book I'm sharing with you today is called "Barrett's Unusual Ice Cream Party" and it's one of those really GOOD books! It's a small book with a great story about a little boy named Barrett who has celiac disease. Barrett has to take his own lunch to school. He has to tell other children about certain foods, "That will make me sick." And some days he gets really frustrated because the other children don't understand.

Barrett gets so frustrated that he tells his mom he doesn't want to go to school anymore. He is sad that other children in his class get birthday parties with cupcakes that have colored sprinkles and he can't have any. It's just not fair.

One day, Barrett goes to school and there's a new kid in class. The teacher introduces him and Barrett learns that this little boy cannot eat dairy products. Suddenly Barrett realizes he is not alone. He talks to the new boy and they share their stories and when it's time for a special ice cream party in class, fun things start to happen!

I love this book because the story is so realistic and so many children with food allergies and/or sensitivities will completely understand what Barrett is going through. It will help them learn they are not alone and that there are other kids who have to follow special diets too.

Uniquely, this book also includes several very special recipes that you can make with your gluten free & dairy free kids! I highly recommend this debut book, written by Michelle L. King. The book has just recently become available on Amazon.com. What I also love is that with the purchase of the book you also receive a special eLIVE coupon code, allowing you to download a FREE copy of the audio version of this book!

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