Monday, November 21, 2011

Joy 2011

Stationery card
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Okay, I realize Christmas isn't until NEXT month, but I love this card my husband and I were able to create via shutterfly to share with our friends & family this year!

Do you create a family letter every year? A Christmas card? A post card? I am so excited about the upcoming holidays! I'm ready for time off and some precious time to spend with my family! 

Our weekly menu is a little crazy the next few days... we're making sandwiches (or lettuce wraps in my case), breakfast for dinner, and having a taco salad night! Then we'll be traveling for the weekend and I plan on taking a few meals with me so I have some safe food for the days we'll be away from home. 

What are your best gluten free traveling tips? Share them here on the blog
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