Monday, July 18, 2011

{Secret Recipe Club} Jason's BBQ Adventures

This month for the secret recipe club, I was paired with Jason's BBQ Adventures. I have to admit it was a challenge for me because we don't do much BBQ'ing around here. I'm the cook in our house and it's very rare for me to fire up the grill. We only have a little charcoal grill and I'm usually too impatient to wait for the coals to get hot enough... lol

So I decided for one of Jason's recipes I would use our stove top grill pan. We LOVE this pan. We use it for burgers, for salmon, for panini's, etc... it's a great pan and it's easier to clean than the George Foreman. lol...

I chose an easy chicken recipe from Jason since I knew it would probably work well with the grill pan. I loved this chicken. I've never made my own barbecue rub before so that was really fun! I'd definitely love to make more of Jason's recipes and maybe even fire up the charcoal grill to try them!

I served this chicken with steamed mixed vegetables and mashed sweet potatoes. We really enjoyed this meal and I like Jason's idea of making a bunch of this chicken at the beginning of the week to serve with meals when you need a healthy protein.

Make sure to stop by Jason's BBQ Adventures for great chicken, pork, beef, and sandwich recipes!

If you'd like to join in on Amanda's Secret Recipe Club, please visit her blog and sign up!

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