Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello Chuck, we meet again...

In high school I wore a pair of turquoise all stars. I LOVED those shoes. A few weeks ago Heather shared that she had bought her first pair of converse all stars. First pair. I had to smile. I missed my turquoise chucks. They were part of my quiet personality. They showed a little bit of my spunky side that I didn't feel comfortable sharing through my voice. 

Saturday hubs & I had a movie day. We saw "Green Lantern" and being total superhero/graphic novel geeks, we really enjoyed it. On a side trip we stopped by Ross' to see if I could find a pair of flip flops. It's amazing how quickly I can wear out flip flops. But then I happened upon this pair of super cool pink all stars. I had to have them. I didn't need them. I wanted them. 

It's amazing to me how often I used to feel this way about food. Foods that were not healthy and that I didn't need. I still have those days. Days when I don't need it and I just want it and I still give in. But more often than not, I'm making better choices. And isn't that the key? 

More often than not. 

The choices we make really give clues to the values we hold. To "splurge" on clothing, shoes, movies, what I consider "stuff"... I always feel somewhat guilty about -- things that are not practical, that I don't "need"... it's always a long process to debate and decide whether to purchase them. 

But spending money on food? I often don't give it a second thought. Granted these days, it's USUALLY healthy food... and when I do spend money on healthy foods I know it's a valuable investment in our health. 

But what about when I spend money on junk food? Food that will only give me pleasure temporarily. Why is it worth it? These pink all-stars will make me smile every time I put them on... they won't add any inches to my waistline, they are probably worth it. But the junk food? I know it's not. I know it will actually cost me more money in the long run with health problems, prescriptions, doctors visits, etc... but I never think about those things when I just WANT that food. 

Some days the chocolate IS worth it. It would be silly to admit that it's not. But I am trying to be more aware of the days that I don't need it. The days I don't need the chips, I don't need the sugar, the junk food... and that it's not really worth it. Not in the long run. 

Buy the shoes instead. Or the books. Books are good. :-) 

What are the daily choices you struggle with? 

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