Monday, May 9, 2011

This Week's Menu - Garden Peas

It's time again for my gluten free weekly menu! I've been a little bit lax in planning the past two weeks because our schedule has been crazy (which means I SHOULD have planned! lol) Oh well... here's to a new week!

Focusing on super easy meals this week. Once again, we have a lot going on so quick meals are needed! I also want to try to squeeze in 3 trips to the gym this week -- and two of those times are going to be a with my trainer which I'm a little nervous about! She has really challenged this gym hamster!!

One of my goals for our meals this week is to incorporate a lot more vegetables. I've been focusing too much on starches and since I was sick last week I used a lot of starches to "feel better." So I'm trying to get out of that pattern of eating. One of my favorite vegetables is garden peas! I've loved them for as long as I can remember and I like them in all shapes & forms! I love fresh peas, frozen peas, canned peas... all of 'em!! I realize they are a starchy vegetable, so I need to simply be aware of my portion sizes, but this week for the Gluten Free Menu Swap, I decided to choose garden peas as my theme! :-) How do you like to eat peas?

Breakfasts This Week:
  • Berry hemp protein shakes, boiled eggs, udi's granola + almond milk with a handful of pecans or walnuts, Eco-planet gluten free hot cereal
Snacks This Week: 
  • Boiled eggs, "ants on a log" with peanut butter (such a great idea cheryl!), hummus with carrot chips or mary's sticks & twigs, raw almonds or pecans, granola w/ almond milk, fresh grapes or apple slices, ham/lettuce/avocado wraps
Lunches This Week: 
  • Planned leftovers from dinner -or- romaine & veggie salad topped with tuna, ham, or roasted chick peas. 
Dinners this Week: 
  • Monday: homemade chicken & veggie (with GARDEN PEAS!) soup from the leftover roast chicken on mom's day
  • Tuesday:  GF Support group coffee break tonight, so quick tuna melts served over spinach for me, over udi's bread for Michael with fresh grapes
  • Wednesday: Quick chicken & veggie stir fry w/ mushrooms, yellow squash, grape tomatoes, kale, garlic, onions, and carrots. 
  • Thursday: Volunteer at Petsmart tonight, so quick meal of breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs w/ salsa & avocados, turkey bacon, black beans, fresh fruit
  • Friday: Angel Food chicken tenders w/ steamed broccoli & carrots and maybe some garden peas!
  • Saturday: Monthly GF Support group meeting -- dinner will be gluten free pizza topped with daiya cheese for me (regular cheese for Michael!) Yum! Can't wait to share this super easy pizza crust with you!
  • Sunday: ground chicken taco salad served with black beans, tomatoes, daiya cheese, avocados, and salsa


Other Gluten Free Weekly Menu's this week include: 

  • Wendy, from Celiacs in the House who's serving up burrito bowls with grilled flank steak, grilled turkey burgers, and roasted salmon!! Sounds delicious Wendy! And I love your picture of your garden pea vines!! 
  • Comfy Cook is having gluten free spiced chicken patties (recipe please?), a spinach quiche, and bruchetta topped with goat cheese (swoon!).
  • Heidi from Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom is making her own breakfast sausage this week along with green smoothies, thai chicken and bok choy,  and pan seared scallops with grilled tomatoes (YUM!). 
  • Cheryl of Gluten Free Goodness is making roasted lamb (one of my FAVORITE foods!) one night along with her newest obsession, quinoa flatbread/pizza! I've really got to try that flatbread!
  • Heather of Celiac Family is having chicken kabobs with potatoes one night (my parents used to grill kabobs, I need to try them!), and having a socca pizza. I am so behind on trying easy gluten free skillet breads!
  • Angela of Angela's Kitchen is using her slow cooker for sweet & sour chicken over quinoa, and is making tangy tomato beef (from her monthly freezer supply!) and serving it with a salad! She is one busy lady this week! 
You're next!

If you'd like to join us in our weekly roundup, please leave me a comment below or email me at: gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com!

I can't wait to see what you're making this week! For more information on our Menu Plan Mondays please visit our organizer Cheryl Harris at Gluten Free Goodness.

And as always, check out more great menus of all types at I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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