Monday, April 11, 2011

This Week's Menu with "Red & Ready" Spaghetti Sauce

I'm starting to get the hang of this "weekly menu" thing again! And It's been a huge help during the week. With going to the gym 3-4 afternoons a week + our Tuesday & Thursday night activities it can make for a very busy 5 days, and a frustrating 5 days if I don't have our meals planned out.

This week I'm making one of my favorite easy recipes for a quick homemade spaghetti sauce. As a newlywed seven years ago, I found this recipe from Hunts for "Red & Ready" Spaghetti Sauce on the back of a label. It was super easy to make, very cheap, and my husband loved it. A slightly sweet and very simple spaghetti sauce served over your favorite gluten free pasta with a salad on side. This meal can be made in about 15 minutes if you prepare a large salad at the beginning of the week and have it ready to serve! The sauce only takes a few minutes to put together, but if you make it ahead of time, the flavors will really come together and taste fantastic over your pasta when served!

Breakfasts this Week:
Snacks This Week:
  • Green Smoothies, Chobani yogurt, apple slices + raw almonds, cheese sticks, larabars
Lunches This Week:
  • Planned leftovers from dinner -OR- servings of the large romaine salad w/ sliced almonds + apple slices.

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Dinners This Week:

Sunday Night Pre-Week Meal Preparations:
  • Boil eggs, chill in ice water, peel & place in baggies to take to take to work
  • Make half batch of teff muffins for breakfasts
  • Make half batch of "Red & Ready" spaghetti sauce for Monday night's dinner.
  • Make large salad for to eat with dinner & lunches
  • Make ground chicken taco filling for taco salads on Wednesday along with chopping up tomatoes for topping.
  • Make Pakistani Kima for Thursday night
  • Slice four apples for snacks throughout the week.

Find more amazing menus this week at AND for a great little round up of gluten free menus, please visit Angela's Kitchen!

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