Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mrs. G.F. -- Recipes for a Gluten Free Life (Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger)

When I first read Mrs. G.F.'s "Recipes for a Gluten Free Life" blog, I felt like I knew her. I felt like I could walk down my close-knit street of neighbors and find her swaying graciously on a front porch swing. A glass of lemonade would be in her hand, and a tray full of amaretti cookies would be on the table beside her.

Mrs. G.F.'s recipes are simply classic. Most are relatively easy to prepare, have a short list of ingredients, and are full of fresh taste and flavor. I have made MANY of Mrs. GF's recipes. Some of my absolute favorites are:

The new recipe that I made was Mrs. G.F.'s Amaretti Cookies! I had actually seen several blogs recently talk about these easy, naturally gluten free cookies and I really wanted to try them. They are absolutely delicious!! Of course DO NOT overcook them, as I did with my first batch and spent 30 minutes viciously attacking the bottoms of them with my microplane grater (boy I love that thing!) I added mini hershey's chocolate kisses to the tops of my amaretti cookies and they were quite yummy! We'll definitely be making these again!!

These cookies would be perfect for a last minute dessert, pot luck, or a children's class party! They were SO easy and so yummy, and I love Mrs. G.F.'s picture of them on her blog!

Here are some of Mrs. G.F.'s recipes that I have in my ever growing, "To make" list! I can't wait to try some of these!

Okay, so really I just want to try ALL of her amazing recipes! Each recipe I have ever made in her collection has been amazing, simple, and delicious! You must give Mrs. G.F.'s recipes a try!


This post is part of a new monthly blogging event hosted by Sea at Book of Yum. The event is called, "Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger." Check out her blog for more details and for the first monthly round up coming up soon!

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