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Adam's Gluten Free Surprise
Author: Debbie Simpson
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Quick Recap:
A new school year has begun for Adam with his new teacher Mrs. Brown. Adam helps Mrs. Brown learn about Celiac Disease and how to safely prepare food on a gluten-free diet. A really fun and positive book especially for school-age children with celiac disease.

Barrett's Unusual Ice Cream Party
Author: Michelle L. King
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Quick Recap:
A great book about kids with multiple food intolerances and/or allergies. Well written, kids will pay close attention! Fun, colorful pictures. Includes really cool dairy-free, gluten-free recipes at the end!

Eat Like a Dinosaur
Authors: Paleo Parents
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Quick Recap:
A really fun storybook AND cookbook for kids and parents of those with celiac disease, those with wheat allergies or gluten intolerance, along with those who are following paleo/primal food plans. Great illustrations and really easy to make recipes the whole family will love. A best-seller in the gluten-free & paleo categories on 

Eating Gluten-Free With Emily
Author: Bonnie J. Kruszka, Illustrator: Richard S. Cihlar
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Quick Recap:
A really cute book, that has recently been republished (had been out of print for quite a while) about Emily and how she learns about why she is gluten-free. Great explanation for kids with fun illustrations.

Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?
Author: Katie Chalmers
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Quick Recap:
A beautifully illustrated book by Katie Chalmers which shares how she explains to her daughter what celiac disease is, what it means to be gluten-free, and how to keep a positive attitude through the transition.

Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship
Author: Sarah Fragoso
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Quick Recap:
A fun book sharing a cool story for kids to learn more about eating real, whole, unprocessed foods. Geared towards the "paleo" diet movement... but because all the foods are naturally healthy AND naturally gluten-free it's a perfect book for celiac kids. Also includes fun recipes at the end.

**Note/Listing Disclosure**
I receive absolutely NO compensation for the listing or the sales of any of these books via Amazon or any other online book store. I only recommend books I have personally read and feel would be helpful and positive resources for your gluten-free or allergen free kids.

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