Friday, May 15, 2009

Check out Ginger Lemon Girl @ $5 Dinners

Please check out my guest post for Erin of $5 Dinners fame. This article is a great introduction to simple,healthy, and naturally gluten free meals for your family! I have written a short series of posts for Erin and they will be posted in the upcoming weeks!

Erin's blog focuses on frugal, inexpensive, and healthy $5 meals. Erin started making frugal meals for under $5 several years ago and it has become a passion. Many of Erin's recipes are gluten free, use gluten free ingredients, or are naturally gluten free! I highly encourage you to visit her fantastic website!

Erin was featured on the Rachael Ray show a few weeks ago, and she just announced she has signed on to write a book about her $5 dinners!! Congratulations to Erin and MANY thanks to her for allowing me to guest host on her blog!


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  1. What a great article--you done good, girl!

  2. You are all OVER the place. Congrats!

  3. OH my gosh Erin Rocks! Wow and wow about her book!

  4. Saw your post over at $5 dinners. I'm also in NC!

  5. Awesome guest blogger post and kudos for spreading the gluten-free gospel onto the $5 dinner site. I love your taco seasoning mix recipe and bookmarked it!


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