Monday, May 5, 2008

This Week's Menu (May 5 - May 9)

In the 8 years that I have lived in eastern North Carolina, one thing never ceases to amaze me. Summer begins in April.

Hot, humid, air-conditioning-already, summer.

I've learned to enjoy summer more since I moved here. I'm really a cold weather girl, but since that weather is few and far between in these parts, summer has become welcoming.

This weekend we planted more azaleas (thanks to my green-thumbed mom-in-law), a yellow tea rose, and the white daylilies have begun to bloom!

We are continuing very simple, pantry-friendly meals. The chosen ingredient of the week is potatoes, which we eat often. A simple baked potato topped with chili or broccoli is one of my favorite meals!

For more gluten free menu ideas this week, head over to Cooking, Illustrated, for a fantastic roundup!

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

This Week's Menu

Kelly's Creamy Chicken Tacos (will post this recipe soon!)
Strawberry Shortcake

Leftover creamy chicken tacos
Salad with fresh avocados

Italian Pasta Bake
Green Beans and Carrots

Grilled Salmon and Asparagus
Baked Potatoes

Red Potato and Ham Frittata
Fresh Strawberry and Spinach Salad

Dinner Out -or- Leftovers

Great Gluten Free Recipes for early Summer:

Check back later this week for an easy-peasy crockpot dinner, a roundup of yummy gluten free recipes, and our Kid-Friendly Food Friday!

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  1. What a gorgeous photo! Is that your backyard? And your cat looks so sweet. :)

    I'm visiting Asheville next week for a week; this will be my first trip to NC (other than driving through) and am PSYCHED it's summer there.

  2. Eatah!! Yes, that's my backyard! The fog wasn't clearing that morning, and my hubby took that shot! I loved it!

    Oh, and just wanted you to know that Asheville will probably not be "summer". Asheville is in very western NC, so make sure you take a jacket!! might be chilly! especially at night!

  3. Mike - the husbandMay 5, 2008 at 3:40 PM

    What do you mean "we" planted the azaleas?

    I planted them, in the evening, by flashlight...


  4. Woahhh.... the Husband really does read my blog!

    And the husband snitched on me... okay, I didn't plant the azaleas, but hey, I watered them, right there with you! By flashlight! ;-)

    Thanks for reading babe!! I love you!

  5. Great menu! Thanks for visiting my blog, too. :)
    I'll be looking at your blog a lot-I saw the cookie recipe below. Look delicious!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a good week!

  6. Wow Carrie, I am amazed at the wealth of information you have here. I loved your comments on my blog, very helpful. I'll be reading more as I learn more about GF. Thanks again, for your kind support. :) Maggie

  7. Hey Carrie!

    My husband just landscaped my yard too, tee hee. I love the favicon- I just noticed it!! How long has it been up?


  8. Maggie - I'm looking forward to your friendship! I've been a longtime reader of your previous website and I love your new blog!! I'm so glad to "meet" you through the blogging world!

    Natalie -- LOL We are getting plants little by little from my mom-in-law and actually our local Piggly Wiggly stocks lots of plants in the summer for very fair prices so we buy some plants from them! We have do to it a little at a time (I had no idea yard supplies were so expensive!) But it's fun to see the yard little by little coming together!! I love that happy little orange! When I first created the blog I wanted a lemon... but somebody I know already uses a really cute one!! ;-P haha!

  9. I second Carrie's advice - take a jacket to Asheville! And you have to go to Doc Choy's Noodle House (or whatever it's name is) while you're there. Amazing, simply amazing.

    I also want to thank you for your blog - if it weren't for you and a dozen other GF bloggers, these past five months would have been much harder.

  10. Lovely recipes for the week Carrie.

    Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go

  11. Hey Carrie - how do you get that little orange up there? I've always wondered when I see yours and Natalie's.

  12. Hi Karen! (Gluten Free Sox Fan!) I sent you instructions on how to get a favicon for your blog. A favicon is the little tiny icon that is next to your web address in your browser. It's a nice feature to use since it gives your blog or website it's own visual stamp, so to speak! I like it because it's an easily recognizable image, so when I see that little orange I know which tab in my browser is for my site! If anyone else would like instructions on how to add this to your blog, feel free to email me @

    Hope this helps Karen!

  13. cute kitty! The salad with avocado sounds nice- I've been avocado crazy lately。:)

  14. Oh creamy chicken taco's sound good. I am looking forward to that recipe! I wish we would get a little warmer here. We got close to 80 today but it will be back in the 60's again over the weekend. Beautiful backyard you have!

  15. Hi Carrie,

    That's a great photo! The fog is so mesmerizing that I didn't even see the fence until my second look.

    Wish you lived closer, so I could share my plants with you. I'm splitting my perenniels like crazy just now. I cleaned out a little front yard tomato bed, and had to pot up seven "starts" of volunteers. Now I have to find them homes. I've never been able to throw them away. There will be more, More, MORE as I get clean out other beds.

    This year at the sorority house where I cook, I saved the large sized individual cereal tubs that the girls usually throw away. I drilled holes in the bottom and am using them to pot plants to give away. They're working fine, and now I wish I'd saved more.

  16. Kay -- Rats!! I do wish we were neighbors!! I would be more than happy to take your volunteers!! Thanks so much for the compliment on the picture! Michael took it!! He's a great photographer!